When I think Love,
I see Red.
When I think Evil,
I see Black.
When I think holiness,
The color White comes to mind
So I ask myself; what is the most important color in life?
It could be Red because our blood flows in rich shades of it
Or could it be blue? Considering the skies and the sea make a beautiful blend
Perhaps! Green that represents life and nourishment is the one
And just when I sit back and smile in satisfaction, It occurs to me
Flowers portray beauty as reflected by their various rich colors
Yellow, Purple, Pink, Lilac,Orange
And then there is You and I,
You are White and I am Black
A perfect reflection of his glorious works.



Often times I have heard parents refer to their kids as their best friends and vice versa, that just leaves me astonished considering the idea is alien to me, 1st because I didn’t experience it and secondly…you’ll find out as you read on.
In avoidance of misunderstanding the noun parenting, I chose to look it up in a dictionary (Longman Dictionary of contemporary English). Parenting is the skill or activity of looking after your own children, as an activity I am made to understand it has no stop date. Hold up, I just heard someone ask “what does she even know about being a parent?” you’d be surprised how much one gets to know just by being an onlooker. During a conversation with a dear friend of mine, I was teasing him as usual and calling him “omo mummy” which could also mean “mummy’s pet” because he is the last child and his response gave a whole new meaning to this article that was already in the works.



I have always wondered why a guy would be nervous to talk to a lady he admires, we don’t bite na. Ironically ladies desire for guys to make a move at every opportunity, it keeps our confidence up (sorry for breaking the girl code ladies). Out of curiosity I went out of my way to find out the reason for this and it turns out many of them are scared of rejection but guess what! A smooth talker can hardly ever be rejected, ladies believe what they hear- Remember? All ye doubting Thomas (es) can get confirmation of this from your player protégés and because I am 100% sure that a good player never reveals his secrets, you will fall back on this article written by me-a mere female. OK, so now that I have your attention are you willing to let me tell you how to become a smooth talker? Please read my top 4 conversation starters and before the end of today, you will be talking your way into that precious lady’s heart.



What a way to begin the year. Yesterday was Ikechi's birthday and he's beautiful wife Fam went all out with a lavish surprise dinner party that held at the Charcoal Restaurant in wuse 2 Abuja. After weeks of planning, some coded phone calls and text messages, Mr Nwigwe walked in looking pleasantly surprised. On this note, Dear Mr Right (hoping you are reading) your lady love here won't mind a surprise either-LOL
P.S: You and your loved ones can also be celebrated in style, just send an email to ticiatowns.@gmail.com.
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Every youngster aspires to live the dream some day and for most like me who come from small, fairly developed states that may not even be identified on the map or have been heard of just once: not for the best reasons one can think of, we can only fulfill these dreams by moving to the larger cities and I chose Abuja the Federal Capital Territory. My journey in Abuja started about 4 years ago (wow, I can’t believe its 4 years already), I remember it clearly just like it was yesterday. Fresh out of youth service, with high hopes of landing my dream job with ECOWAS (since that was what mum told me to convince me to study French, not that I regret it though) being independent in every sense of the word at a very young age and falling in love with one HOT dude, getting married… it was nothing short of picture perfect.


A runs girl’s worst Nightmares

I have been cracking my brain for an appropriate and PG description for a runs girl, for the benefit of those who may not understand the terminology and trust me it has proven to be very difficult. For lack of a better instance, let’s just say a runs girl is into the property exchange business (the property being her body for his money of course).  While most people may abhor and judge runs girls, there are still a fraction of ladies out there who envy them and want to be in their shoes. To experience their lifestyle, the money they get to handle and people they meet. She uses the latest gadgets, shops wherever and anytime she wants, she wears the finest and most expensive weaves and has all the connections with politicians and socialites; technically she is living the life. It may even seem as if she has found an ‘easy’ way of making money; after all is it not just sex? How hard can that be? They might ask but my dears, it is way beyond sex and their lives aren’t as picture perfect as portrayed so to drive my point home, here are a few nightmares these people you admire also face.



My friend Sandra is dating a twin, a few days ago was to be their birthday and Sandra was in a dilemma. She came to me seeking friendly advice and asked “Leticia this cake I am making for Taiye, should I write happy birthday to Taiye and Kehinde”? “As how na?” was my reply “is Kehinde also your boyfriend?” and with those very words came the idea for this article. While I kept teasing her about the hassles of dating a twin, Sandra claimed that twins are also normal human beings and so there is no difference in dating a guy who is a twin or who isn’t but I plan to prove otherwise after this article.